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The Joy of Community Service – A Youth Sermon

Radically Changed...

...was the theme for the 2012 – 2013 program year for Westminster youth in grades 7 – 12 and for the amazing Youth Sunday on February 24. Youth Sunday featured sermons by WPC high school seniors Callie B., Meredith H., Marisa K., Ryan K., and Shelly S. Each person’s message was created individually, with a little editing assistance from Church Educator Susan Moseley. All five seniors have been active in 180° since middle school.

Sermon by 180° Senior Meredith H.

I have spent my entire life as an active member of Westminster Presbyterian Church. I was baptized here, spent a couple years in the cribbery as a baby, progressed through the various grade-level Sunday school classes, and participated in the Sunshine Choir, Youth Club, and, currently, 180°. I remember always being exposed to the joy of community service. Even as far back as my toddler years in Sunday school, we were always encouraged to help improve the lives of others, either though the donation of canned goods, clothing, and toiletries or adopting a needy family at Christmas time.

I remember being so excited to join 180° in 7th grade. 180° provides a wonderful opportunity for teens to enjoy fellowship and a great meal, as well as to participate in some really fun community service projects. I will never forget Chad Miller’s excitement to get all of us involved with Saturday Morning Breakfast Mission. Together, we cooked and served a delicious pancake breakfast to anyone who showed up at the door. For the first time, we were able to actually see and interact with the people we were helping. The experience was so rewarding that it inspired me to seek participation in even more community service opportunities. One of those opportunities involved traveling to Houma, Louisiana, for a week of repairing and painting houses that were damaged by Hurricane Katrina. Seeing the smiles on homeowners’ faces after we completed the job was extremely rewarding. Another meaningful experience was participating in “Midnight Run,” in which we drove through the streets of New York City distributing food and supplies throughout the night to needy people. They were expecting us, and to see the smiles on their faces as we handed out the much appreciated food and supplies was extremely gratifying.

Westminster Presbyterian Church has radically changed me into the person I am today – a person who has decided to dedicate herself to a life of service. That is, I have decided to continue my service to others by pursuing the field of nursing in college, with the goal of becoming a registered nurse.

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