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A Fresh Start for Rachel

"I will be 30 tomorrow. I have lived in Delaware since I was three. I spent six and a half months in the Gateway Foundation, a long term treatment facility. I was going to move back to Dover where my son lives, but I knew I needed a completely fresh start.

I’ve been at Friendship House for five months. I lived for five weeks in Epiphany House and then moved next door to the Jane Ashford House.

I have learned so much. I’ve learned about having strong, positive relationships with women. I’ve learned that no matter what I’m going through, I don’t have to do it alone. I’ve had help with budgeting and how to responsibly spend my money. I’ve learned that I have to put myself and my recovery first, above all else.

In our groups I’ve learned about decision making, how to write a resume and job interviewing skills. I’ve learned how to manage my time. I’ve learned how to live without a drink or a drug. The support I’ve received is beyond words. My grandmother died on January 6 and my mother died on January 26; a very trying time. I don’t know where I would be without the support of the women in these houses. With our meetings, my sponsors and the help of God, I’ve been able to stay clean.

I will be clean a year tomorrow. I am learning how to live a productive, normal life."

More than a year later, Rachel is now living in Elizabeth House, the newest residential program for women managed by Friendship House. Her life has been transformed by these experiences. Thanks to the time, talent, and treasure of our congregation, Westminster is blessed with 25 years of partnership with Friendship House and its spiritual ministries of hospitality, education, empowerment, and community.

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