Our Leadership


Greg Jones, Moderator
Jeanne Checkel, Clerk of Session

Jen Barrington, Ty Burns, Sally Buttner, Chad Chandler, Jeanne Checkel, Art Colbourn, Joe Daley,
Rich Diver, Michael Enderle, Mike Gnade, Cathy Higgins, Carol Hogue, Barbara Jobe, Kali Kniel-Tolbert,
Kelly McCulloch, Jon McPheeters, Mark Mosher, Margo Reign, Roger Reinicker, Craig Stabler, Barb Stratton,
Mary Vane, Susan Williamson, Helen Zumsteg

Board of Deacons

Barry Cobb, Moderator
Don Beddie, Vice Moderator
Liz Bacon, Don Beddie, Amy Bickhart, Beatty Chadwick, Barry Cobb, Tammy Daley, Nancy Diver, Teisha Fooks,
Nicole Fox, Laura Holmes, Hillary King, Cathy Lang, Kris Marvel, Sally McBride, Blair McConnel, Mary Lou McDowell,
Susan McPheeters, Lola Miller, Bob Moore, Carol Neff, Cassandra Piovoso, Ann Shadduck, Jerry Spilecki, Lisa Stoddard, Judy Stoffer, Josh Thomas, Sharlym Torres, Jennifer Trickey, Lois Underhill, Lowell Underhill, Jennie Wagner,
Gen Wallace-Roe, Sue Weissinger, Pam White, Sandy White, Debbie Wise

Board of Trustees

Denison Hatch, President
Fred Iobst, Vice President
Kris Qualls, Secretary

Charley Babcock, Gary Bryde, Jim Carter, Denison Hatch, Bobbe Hoy, Fred Iobst, Bill Nace, Mary Lu Pamm,
Kris Qualls, Bob Ridout, Bruce Weber, Dan Weintraub

Worldwide Ministry

Guatemala – Leslie Vogel (CEDEPCA), Sandi and Brian Thompson-Royer, Rosario Diaz
Congo – PC(USA) mission co-workers Bob and Kristi Rice, John and Gwenda Fletcher, Jeff and Kristi Boyd,
Larry and Inga Sthreshley, Ruth Brown, Cecilé de Sweemer, MD, and Members of the Kamulumba-Ditalala Parish
Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon – Mission co-workers the Reverends Elmarie and Scott Parker
Peace Drums Steel Band – Haifa and Ibillin, Israel/Palestine